Thursday, March 31, 2011

BEST Birthday EVER!!!

On March 18th, we finally got Ty's mission call. We thought it would be here on Wednesday or Thursday but instead, it came on my BIRTHDAY!!!

We got up early that day and got to Moab(Kyle had a tournament) by noon so that we could skype it if it actually came. I am so thankful for modern technology. The coach let Kyle off at the motel for a few minutes so that he could be there too. We were all so nervous awaiting his call.

So, Ty is going to the WISCONSIN, MILWAUKEE MISSION. He leaves for the MTC on Aug. 10th. I am so excited!

Crazy thing about his call was that one of his best childhood friends, Taylor Shamo, got his call the day before to the same exact mission. I thought Ty was teasing me because of Taylor's call. But, he wasn't and I am so thrilled. I hope they are put as companions sometime.

Thanks T-Y TY for being such a great young man. You have made being a mom such a blessing!!! Love you.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kyle's Jr. Prom

Kyle and Sydney

The Couples Dance

Kyle and Sydney

Jace and Shennie, Colin and Janae, Kayson and Kelli, Kyle and Sydney

Kyle and Sydney at Grandma and Grandpa's for pictures (Ya Kyle was thrilled with all the pics.)

On March 12th Kyle had his Jr. Prom. He took Sydney Dutson and I think he had a GREAT time. Earlier in the day they had their DAY DATE, which was a version of the AMAZING RACE. Their team was Kyle and Sydney, Colin and Janae, Kayson and Kelli, and Jace and Shennie. They didn't win but had a fun time even if there vehicle broke down at the golf course and they had to go get Sydney's. That night they ate dinner with the Jr.'s and then had the dance. Kyle looked great and Sydney was gorgeous. They did the couples dance and Kyle even said that the dance was fun. We teased him that it was always funner with a pretty girl and he definitely agreed.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


The season started out a little rocky to say the least. We were 0 - 4 at the end of pre-season. The boys thought the whole town was against them and out to get them. But,once their season began they were off and running with a FORCE. They have now gone 7 - 0 and are playing tomorrow in the semi-finals against Hurricane. We lost to Hurricane in the pre-season so we know that it will be a tough game. GOOD LUCK KYLE!!! Sure do Love you.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rylie and Russ at the Daddy - Daughter Party.

Taya's 1st day of school. Rylie's 2nd. So so CUTE!!!

Ty's new room. Welcome to dorm life!!!

Denton Field

Billings Temple

Idaho Falls Temple (on our way to take Ty to Montana)

Mommy Miss Party. Achievement Day Girls.
While pitching, Rylie took one in the forehead. This was two days after Kyle's broken nose. I think everyone might had been wondering what was going on at our house. Especially when Rylie and Kyle got the black eyes a few days after.

Rylie's slow pitch team. She loves it.

Taya playing T-ball. Just before one of the games she said, "Dad, I need to tell you a secret - T-ball is really NOT fun."

Huh? Do you think it's broke? The radiologist read the xrays and said it wasn't. REALLY? Are you sure? It looks broke to me.

Kyle after an hour with my cousin Dee. Thank goodness we have a plastic surgeon in the family.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Cruise

We had so much fun on our cruise with Ty and Kyle and their friends. We drove to Logandale on Sunday and stayed with Jeff and Shauna and then left for Long Beach. It was a long drive down because of all the traffic but we made it. And of course we started getting our pictures taken everytime we turned around and we immediately started eating. I bet the cruise line didnt make too much money on us. The boys made frequent trips to the 24 hour icecream machine and pizza bar plus the buffet and the nightly dining room meal. We shopped and snorkeled at Catalina Island on the first day. The 2nd day was spent in Ensenada. We had a great time shopping and seeing the area from our bus. The boys had fun but did not think that it would be too fun to live there. The 3rd day was a day at sea. It wasn't real warm but I sit out and read a book for a little while and got a pretty good sunburn. Then the next day we got into port and other than Kayson almost not passing through customs we were off and on our way. Ty and Russ flew home via Sky West airlines and the rest of us flew home in Portia's Montana and my Chevy Venture. I have to say Portia and I were taught really well by our mother's to fly low. We definitely didn't waste much time coming home. While we were there Rylie was homesick and Taya got the stomach flu - (sorry Evelyn and Toddy). But other than that they did pretty good. We had a great time but it is always fun to be home again.

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Kyle on a "41 trap"
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